TO: FROM: DATE: RE:Pastor and Administration Tim Potter March 28, 2020 Emergency Parish Offertory Initiative
_____A diocesan initiative is being launched today to encourage all our faithful to provide offertory support through online giving. This initiative includes directing our parishioners to a link on our diocesan website where they select their individual parish and make an online gift in this time of need. They have the ability to make a one-time gift or a recurring weekly gift. Having the ‘weekly recurring’ feature was something I felt was especially important since we do not know how long the public celebration of Masses will be suspended. As someone who is not a “tech” person, I found the link very easy to navigate and simple to use. I hope your parishioners have the same experience. _____How and when will parishes receive any gifts that come through this link? Every time a gift is made, it generates as record. Working with my department, the diocesan Finance Office will have every gift matched to the corresponding parish. This data will be collected and an electronic funds transfer for the total amount of all gifts received will be deposited into your own parish account each week. The transaction and administration fee required by the site (2.598% plus 26 cents per transaction) is automatically deducted from each gift, leaving the net amount which will be forwarded in full to parishes.  
_____Two important points: _____1. The diocesan link will have a dropdown box listing every parish from _____which a parishioner can chose to support. However — if your parish has _____online giving capabilities (including a weekly giving option) and you have _____already been encouraging your parishioners to use your own parish site and it _____has been successful, please continue to do this. Our diocesan initiative is simply _____meant as another way to encourage parishioners to support your parish at this _____critical time. Therefore, I suggest that you inform your parishioners about the _____diocesan link as another avenue for giving if you think this will help with what _____you are already doing.  _____If you do not have an online giving option on your website, or it is fairly _____inactive, please do everything you can to promote this diocesan link. Use your _____website, Flocknotes, Facebook, etc – everything possible – to drive your people _____to the link.  _____2. While we hope this initiative is as successful as possible, it is not a magic _____bullet. Our hope is that this will be another useful tool to encourage your _____parishioners to support their parish financially during this difficult time. The _____more you promote this through your parish website, Flocknotes, Facebook, _____smoke-signals, etc, the better. Every little bit helps!
____As we continue to navigate through the uncertainty of the coronavirus outbreak, I hope this initiative provides some help to you and your parish. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to me for assistance. ____Take care and stay well.

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