Dear Friends, Visitors, and those thinking of becoming a vital part of Sacred Heart’s Parish Community:
We welcome you with open hearts and the gratitude for your having chosen to celebrate Mass with us! Perhaps you are wondering if you could make Sacred Heart your Parish home. We would love to have you! Perhaps you are wondering what you could do, what talent you could bring, how you could help us all grow within our Spiritual Community.
Perhaps you are thinking that you have nothing to offer. Nonsense! Can you say hello to those coming into Church (Greeter)? Do you have a special love for those in the Nursing Home (Nursing Home Ministry)? Do you have a heart for comforting those who have lost a loved one (Bereavement Ministry)? Do you have a love of music and singing (Music/Choir Ministry)? Do you have a love of prayer? Please pray for our parish as we reach out to others who want to have a home with Jesus!
We wish to encourage our community to be the face of Jesus to others. There are so many opportunities to serve and/or participate. Please see the following information about our ministries:

Baptism Prep

The mission of Baptism Prep is to teach parents about the meaning of the Sacrament and also the logistics and timing of the rite itself.


Our Bereavement Ministry is a ministry of care. We are here to bring comfort to families who are suffering the loss of a loved one.

Bible Study

Bible Study at Sacred Heart Parish offers an added opportunity to discover God’s love for us as revealed through Scripture.

Catholic Daughters of the Americas

The Catholic Daughters of the Americas Court Dover #881 was instituted in the Sacred Heart School auditorium on May 22, 1924. Our programs include the concerns of today's Church and society as well as issues...

Fiscal Ministry

The Fiscal Ministry reviews and examines significant matters relating to our church's financial stability.


Lectors at Sacred Heart Parish: Giving us Christ, proclaiming the Word of Christ and serving in Christ.

Religious Education

The mission of the Religious Education Program at Sacred Heart Parish is to give our children a deeper knowledge of the faith handed down to us by Jesus and His Apostles.


Ushers at Sacred Heart Parish help to make sure the Mass runs smoothly.

Youth Ministry

The mission of the Youth Ministry is “sharing the Sacred and Loving Heart of Jesus Christ throughout the community through prayer, action and fun.”